Trinity Rehabilitation

Why Trinity?

Trinity Rehabilitation has been providing quality contract physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy services in Mississippi and surrounding states since 1995. We take pride in our strong bonds with our customers, our reputation, our patient care, and our top-notch employees. We believe we are the best at what we do, and that is not without the help of our employees and our customers.

Trinity is proud of our strong customer bonds, our reputation in the community, and integration into our workplace with our customers’ staffs. We understand the importance of the therapy program to the overall success of our business partners. At Trinity, we believe that integration into your staff should be seamless, and we are able to do just that. We bond well with our customers to create that easy experience that we feel is so important.

At Trinity, patient care is our priority. We strive to provide the best cutting-edge programs to help patients reach their fullest potential. We promote the successful rehabilitation of the individuals we serve, and we supply the necessary tools to the provide the highest quality rehabilitation services. We strive to provide our patients and our customers services that improve the quality of their lives, with quality measured by strong outcomes that make a difference in the patient’s life and a difference in our customer’s ability to compete in the swiftly changing healthcare industry marketplace.

Employee retention is another important aspect to us at Trinity Rehabilitation. We strive to employ therapists and therapists’ assistants with the highest ethical and knowledge base. Continuing education is provided to and by our employees under corporate compliance. We are proud of our unrivaled reputation for clinical expertise, integrity, and reliability.

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Lisa Jenkins-M.S.,CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist
Laura Selby-DPT, Physical Therapist
Jalisa Tigler-M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist/RD
Yahsmine Sojourney-L/COTA
Sherice Wells-L/PTA